Beech Class is in the Key Stage 2 end of the school. The children in Beech Class are all of year 4 and some of year 5.

This half term we will continue with our topic on Greece.

We will be covering Science and Art over the next 6 weeks. Our Science focus will be Earth and Space which fits in nicely with our Greek topic and also that a British Astronaut is in Space currently. We will go on to describe the movement of the Earth and other planets relative to the sun in the solar system as well as describe the movement of the moon relative to the Earth. We will also be completing an Art unit in preparation for our Art Extravaganza.


After Half term we will be starting our new topic Scotland. We will begin by looking at who first lived in Britain? This will involve researching the life of people from the earliest civilisations.  We will then move onto looking at Who were the Anglo Saxons and the Scots?  And Where did they come from?


In our English this term we have begun by looking at the silent animated movie, Home Sweet Home, a beautifully animated short story about 3 houses that travel across America.


Following on from this we are looking at the story of the Iron Man and also creating some non-fiction information texts.


Maths will continue to focus upon the 4 calculations with formal and mental methods, data, shape and space and problem solving.


Weekly my maths, spelling and reading homework will be set and also children can complete the optional theme challenge.


PE will take place this term on a Tuesday and Wednesday, although PE kit should be in school all week.


Beech Class will be doing P.E on a Tuesday and Wednesday, which makes it imperative that the children have their P.E. kit in school on that day. If your child is unable to do P.E. for any reason, please ensure that they bring a note, or telephone the school.


Miss Larder

Class Leader

Mrs Adams


I support in Beech class alongside Mrs Wason during the mornings. I work mainly with children who need more help supporting them in their Maths and English. In the afternoons I work with children on a one to one basis, focusing on reading, spelling and writing.

Our Primary School

Our strong moral values run through our curriculum and we place our pupils at the heart of everything we do. We are very proud of the school and its achievements. We have friendly staff who actively encourage parents to get involved and share their views.