School Information

We are a member of the Peterborough District Educational Trust. To find more information about them please click here: PDET


We are very proud of our school and everyone in it. Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • We were rated ‘good’ by OFSTED in April 2014.
  • Our academic value added scores are consistently in the top schools in the Corby area.
  • The percentage of our children achieving national expectations is consistently higher than national average, as is those exceeding.
  • We offer wrap around care for parents. This means that the school is opened for a breakfast club at 7.45 and after school provision is offered on a daily basis until 5.30. Any pupil can attend these sessions.
  • We have outstanding outdoor and indoor facilities, with refurbished classrooms and a playground that includes a spiritual garden, den making area and a wide variety of play equipment.
  • We are a sporting force in the region with awards under our belt for a variety of sports.
  • We have won the Welland Valley Sports athletics event for 3 years running recently.
  • We are the current champions of the Corby Small Schools football tournament.
  • We are the current champions of the Corby Schools year 5/6 rugby tournament.
  • We have a wide variety of technology available for the children to use at school, including interactive white boards in every room, a large number of laptops and more recently a set of i-pads.
  • We offer specialist teachers for some subjects including PE, ICT and Philosophy for Children.
  • Children engage in a variety of Art, History, Geography, PHSE and Science activities. This includes theme days, visitors and visits in the local area.
  • As a Church of England school we aim to reflect the Christian values in all aspects of school life to ensure that Cottingham is a happy, safe and secure place to be and to allow children to develop a strong moral foundation.
  • Our curriculum is based on creative teaching and active learning in order that children can reach their full potential.
  • We recognise that every member of our school is unique and value the way this forms and strengthens our learning community.

We really value parents involvement in their child’s learning and encourage this relationship in a wide variety of ways including:


Parent’s evenings

Formal and informal discussion time with staff

Workshop evenings


School calendars

Parent’s afternoons in school

Parent forums

Encouraging volunteering in school

What Do Our Children Say?

‘I was really nervous about starting school but I became more confident when I saw how nice the pupils were and the staff.’

‘The teachers are nice to us all and try their hardest to help us all.’

‘Everyone at this school cares about each other.’

‘Cottingham is a great start to education and gives you all the things you need for going to secondary school.’

‘We get encouraged to do really well at sport and try loads of different sports.’

‘The lessons at the school are fun and you learn something but in an enjoyable way.’


What Do Our Parents Say?

‘Friendly staff, very approachable, parents are very included.’

‘A great range of sports/ clubs.’

‘The head teacher is committed to parental involvement, listens to ideas and suggestions and treats each child as an individual.’

‘Interaction between children and staff is lovely and respectful.’

‘I am delighted with the progress that my child made at the school and how happy she was to be a member of the school community.’


What do OFSTED Say?

‘The school has greatly improved over the last 3 years, under the strong leadership of the head teacher.

‘Achievement in writing is now outstanding and progress is good overall in all year groups.’

‘Teachers make lessons exciting and interesting, so pupils are keen to learn.’

‘Children look after each other and feel safe. They are polite and behave well.

Our Primary School

Our strong moral values run through our curriculum and we place our pupils at the heart of everything we do. We are very proud of the school and its achievements. We have friendly staff who actively encourage parents to get involved and share their views.